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Signage Methodology

Signage today is beyond a meager alpha-numerical inscription bound within a frame, to an extension of brand and its image. Signage involves correlating the brand, its consumers and the synergy between the two to form a homogeneous existence thus complementing the both the brand and the environment which makes the consumer’s experience pleasant.

The essence of signage is to enable effortless navigation and equally complimenting the décor. An effective sign can be classified into the following:
  • draws Attention of new customers
  • enhance image of the Brands
  • Creates an impulse thus triggering sales
  • adds Décor to the environment
Signage in general can be categorized as follows:
  • Corporate Branding
  • External Signs
  • Internal Signs
The above can be further segmented to Primary Identification, Secondary Identification, Directional Signs, Facility, Information, Statutory Signs, Prohibitory, Operational and Mandatory Signs which can further be subdivided into micro level segmentation.

Touchpoint recommends thoughtful use of visibility features of the brand that will expand the ability to communicate effectively with the consumers.

Our context sensitive designs recommends pertinent sign structures, built landscape (including signs, and graphic rendition) that will complement existing ambience and natural environment.
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